Why Should I feel bad...Should I?

my sister is 16 and has a daughter she got preg. at 13.my parents complain that im not like her even though shes younger and I felt bad because my sister was like “you should be more like me im better.” and I laughed and said “at least I’ve heard of a condom.” she freaked and hasnt talked to me in two weeks I got grounded. Should I feel bad I know that was harsh.

Answer #1

I Was Grounded for being mean because she has pressure . she doesnt even take care of the kid ..I do.

Answer #2

that was not harsh it was the true so she shouldn’t fell bad about what you said and if she does that’s her problem not yours because your right!!

Answer #3

Let me rephrase. I do not believe that what you said was a justified reason to be grounded. You just told her the truth. People in glass houses definitely shouldnt be throwing stones. And she’s the last person who should be telling you how to act. However, whether or not it was justified, you need to work stuff out with your parents. Your sister decided to get pregnant and have a baby. You shouldnt be punished for that. So talk to them.

Answer #4

I’m so sorry to hear that , but I can’t really help,. sorry !

Answer #5

No… no idea why you were grounded.

Answer #6

donraysinor I dont need you preeching if you would have read it right I never said I had sex and its not your buisness.

Answer #7

sex is for after marriage to the one you want all your life to be with so you shoudent be doing it eney way.

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