Why liberals hate Sean Hannity and Foxnews so much?

I would like to know why liberals hate Sean Hannity and Foxnews so much? And, everytime a news reporter tries to ask a liberal questions they explode what’s the reason?

Answer #1

Bash Fox all you want but then examine their long-standing consistantly higher ratings over their competition - America is watching - the numbers don’t lie.

Answer #2

Stereotype much?

Hannity’s own cohost seems to dislike him, and the reason is obvious. Hannity is pompous, obnoxious, and constantly builds strawmen.

Answer #3

:) Pretty simple…3rd party studies have shown a distinct right wing bias in Fox media. Nothing wrong with that, unless you want media organizations to be held to a higher standard & neutral in their dealings.

Answer #4

Higher ratings says nothing about their integrity, which is non-existent. Part of the reason is that some right-wingers are fanatical, and eat up all the propagnda they can take. FOX Noise doesn’t report news, they re-inforce conservative ideology to the koolaid drinkers.

And historically the ratings have been higher, but they have been dropping for the past few years. Particularly Billo, who has been getting beaten by Olberman. But liars will eventually show their stripes.

Answer #5

amblessed, Michael Moore’s documentaries about the war in Iraq and American health care have sold millions of copies and received numerous awards. Would you say that gives him an excuse to be unethical when producing his documentaries? I doubt you would. Yet, Fox News does the same thing Moore does, which is flagrantly violate media ethics for no other reason than selling their agenda.

The hosts of shows on Fox News like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and even Sheppard Smith are excellent at polarizing anyone who expresses a liberal point of view. I’ve seen them do it countless times, and you can tell they are trained.

Besides, as jimahl correctly pointed out, Fox News’ ratings have been like a duck in winter: south (sorry for the Fat Albert joke, couldn’t resist).

I believe Jon Steward described Fox News most accurately, when he said they are a whole crew of anchors, hired to do the job of the president’s press secretary.

Answer #6

One of the other reasons many left-leaning Americans hate Fox News is for having Alan Combs representing the “liberal” side in the “fair and balanced” debate. Combs is pretty much Hannity’s liberal punching bag, and the punching bag of every conservative who is a guest on the show. Besides, many of Combs views are more moderate, while the only thing Hannity does in moderation is give true liberal guests a chance to speak their mind.

Answer #7

Probably for the same reason that some conservatives hate Michael Moore and Air America.

Answer #8

When Europeans watch Fox News, we find it very one-sided and shallow. That’s not just liberal Europeans, it’s just about any of us. We know what’s happening in our own countries, and we see that it’s not being reported fairly or accurately on Fox News. So maybe the critics within America have noticed the same thing!

Answer #9

Because they are disingenuous at best, and a propaganda wing for the republican party.

Answer #10

What “explosion” are you talking about?

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