Why isn't my mum taking me to the doctor?

I go to the toilet all the time, sometimes I need to go as soon as I’ve got off the toilet (this has been going on since last year), and I have been feeling really ill and have thrown up on one day like 10 times. I told my mum that loads of people are saying I should go to the doctor, but she says nothing is wrong (my mum works in a hospital so she knows loads of health stuff) and she said that if I drink lots of water it should just get out of my system and try to eat healthier foods, but I’ve been eating vegetables everyday basically and I’ve drank loads of water, and I still feel the same. I don’t want to try cranberry juice because I have hated cranberries since the day I was born and it gives me headaches so I’m not going to bother with that. Also even if my mum did decide me to go to the doctor, I don’t trust them because my friend went to her one and they said she was fine, she went to hospital to get checked out, she ended up having to stay in the bed for 2 days because she was ill, and I know my doctor’s different but you never know… What should I do?

Answer #1

Tell your mom that you think that you are really sick. It could be your digestive system. And if she doesnt listen tell your school nurse or maybe your father.

Answer #2

My best friend from high school’s mother ‘works in a hospital’- she thinks she’s as qualified as any of the physicians. I’ve seen squirrels with better capabilities for doling out medical advice than her.

Go on your own. She doesn’t HAVE to be there. I would definitely get checked out. Have them run some blood work and be 100% open and honest with them- you’ve suffered long enough, don’t leave something out because it embarrasses you. You deserve to get healthy!!!

Answer #3

To be totally honest your Mum is being very harsh. I’m sorry I don’t care whether she works in a hospital or not you oubviusly need to see a doctor. You do no go for nearly a whole year or more constantly needing the toilet and being sick. that is not normal by anyone’s standards.

Can you not go on your own were you live? In some places you can just go to the doctors on your own. See if you can were you live.

Drinking water or cranberry juice is good for a minor problem but will not detere a year long persistant problem. You need to see a doctor. You don’t seem to trust them but it’s better than not going isn’t it.

Answer #4

tell her you’re really scared and would really like to go to the doctor. if she doesnt listen go by yourself, and if you get some kind of a problem, just tell them your mom wouldnt bring you no matter how much you said you needed to go and you’re really worried about your health then give them your moms number and she can get billed.

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