Why is this girl acting weird all of a sudden?

This girl I work with we used to say hello to each other in the halls if we saw each other (I've been wanting to make friends with her just haven't had the right moment) but recently I've started to hang with her sister and now she isn't as friendly.why? (

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oh I answered before but just realisd you wer a girl. Kay well firstly the whole 'sister rivalry' is really hard to deal with. The girl likes having friends of her own wher she can talk about whatever to. And if you becomes friends with her sister she may be constantly thinking if what kinds of things she can tell you now your friends with her sister (depending on how tight you are). Also She may feel annoyed that her sister is now stealing her friend that she made first away from her even if that isnt the case. She is most likely confused on why you had to talk to her sister in the first place. I would recomend talking to your first friend and spend less time with her sis.

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