Why is the like this discharge stuff coming out ofmy vagina?

Im almost 15. I started my period like a year ago, and since then, I’ve had this wierd discharge like everyday. is it normal? does it go away?

and I dont want my boyfriend to like finger me and get all nasty :(((

Answer #1

don’t worry its normal Its called discharge your vagina is a self cleaning organ and discharge is just what it cleans out discharge can be clear, milky white or light yellow and its liquidy goo that comes out of your vagina every day, often, or every now and then that’s why there’s an extra piece of material in girls underpants because of discharge

Answer #2

the discharge is very normal, you can have different kinds of discharge but its perfectly fine if its maybe a little thick white milky looking. it wont go away. your boyfriend can still finger you with it but if hes grossed out then he doesnt have to, its just a bodily function nothing too extreme.

Answer #3

A discharge is fairly normal. Usually this type of discharge is thick, clear, and jelly like. It varies from girl to girl, if you haven’t had sex recently then its normal :)

Answer #4

It comes out really often like everyday.It looks weird but normal and no it won’t go away.It can be washed just like regular clothes.

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