Why does brown stuff come out my vagina?

Im sixteen & I am a virgin. For some time now I’ve been seeing this discharge coming out of my vagina my mom said it was normal. But I didnt agree because it was happening all day everyday . My gyno gave me yeat infection pills and still no change. I’ve also had anotherkind of pill for a bacterial infection . Now this brown stuff is coming out of. What is happening to me ?? Please help

  • I don’t know if this has anything to with it but I keep getting sick a lot
Answer #1

my vagina has a discharge coming out everyday it is a creamy yellow which it kind smells like yearn,it also hurts going to the restroom and I don’t even want to have sex because it hurts really bad and I don’t want any one to touch it because it makes it have more discharge. my Gyno said that its nothing to worry about.

Answer #2

well sometimes your health cqan affect the amount of discharge you can get. but a clear odourless discharge is noraml. I get it everyday too, I started getting it when I was 15 and then I was freaking out, and now I’ve had it for… well many years. the clear discharge you were getting is completely normal and nothing to worry about, althoguh it does get pretty annoying but it is normal. about the brown discharge, could this be spotting before a period? sometimes I would get it too because when I was your age my periods were so irregualr, but to be safe, get it checked by your doctor.

Answer #3

its normal. usually right before and/or right after your period

Answer #4

Its normal.

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