Why is my teacher mean and boaring?

He gives us a lot of homework. He is always yelling. He thinks hes the best. He is to hard to understand. I dont know what to do. HELP!!!

Answer #1

I had a couple teachers like that when I was in school. You can go to the headteacher and tell them the problem, he/she can help you.

Answer #2

Talk to him after class about the issue, and he may just tell you why he does all of this to the class. If it’s not a good reason in your view, take the issue to the principle and let them handle it.

Answer #3

may be you should talk to him/she with your problem I try my teacher and it worked for me you should try and good luck with that

Answer #4

Your teacher is just taking his work seriously. There are always gonna be teaches who have humor, or the teachers that dont play games. Try to get to know him/her and open up with the teacher. The best thing you could possibly do is talk to the teacher and set different ideas and tell him/her how you truely feel. Be honest you got nothing to lose. If its too much of an issue, the only way out of it is to switch out of your class. if you dont feel comfortable, and have trouble learning cause of the teacher, don’t just deal with it, fix it or else it will effect you academically. best of luck…

Answer #5

This type of person should not be a teacher. If he is older, maybe he has just been a teacher too long. His bad attitude makes students not want to learn. I don’t know if talking to him directly would help, he may take offense at having one of his students complain or give him advice. I think talking to your parents and then going to the school board would be best.

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