Why is my puberty finnished but I have never had a single period?

Hi,I had puberty two years ago,but I have never had a single period.I have all the symptons of the end of puberty.Please help.

Answer #1

getting your period is part of puberty. puberty can go on for like 8 years.

Answer #2

According to your profile you were born in 96, so your puberty phase has not finished. If anything it’s just starting. Puberty is not a race, it can be a slow process, when it starts can vary, and it can continue until very late teens for some girls.

Your period will come eventually, but again it’s different for everybody, some girls start very young, but then it could be as late as 16/17.

Be patient, your body is only just starting to change and periods will happen eventually.

Answer #3

thanks very much :D

Answer #4

some people are just late bloomers. don’t worry, you will be ok.

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