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Why is my mom so mean to me?

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Okay, this is a long one, but PLEASE PLEASE read it
I just don't get it, my mom treats me like a pile of shit. She expects way to much of me and I noticed that she likes to blame all of her problems on either me or someone other than her. For example, she said that she can't keep the house clean because of me and I'm half of her problems. I don't understanf why a 38 year old woman feels the need to blame all of her problems on a 15 year old, why can't she own up and take responsibilty. Even I'm more mature than that, because I'm not afraid to admit that most of my problems are my own fault. She only blames me cause she has nobody else to, me and my lil brother have different fathers and neither of them do shit for my family. I've never even met my father! I mean, my mom is 38 and he's 5 something, he has like 7 kids, doesn't even got a full time job and was on drugs when my mom had me. My little brother is treated sooo much better than me. For example, he failed grade 3 and is now doing it over. We gor our report cards back the other day, and he did alright, but I got all in the 90's!!! My mom was talking to my gramma about how good my brother did and when my gramma asked how I did, all my mom said was, " Oh, she did good." and left it at that. I tried so hard to get good grades to make her happy, but I guess I'm a fool for that. She never says anything nice to me and tries to tell me I start all of our fights, when 75 % of the time she does. She's always going on about how great and smart and good looking my lil brother is right in front of me and it makes me feel terrible. I have enough self-esteem problems, I wish my mom would at least try to help, but she doesn't seem to care!!! I feel invisible at home and in school and I'm really a very interesting person, but nobosy will take the time to get to know me, not even my own MOTHER!!! I also don't like how she keeps telling me I'm just like my father, when I know for a fact I'm not, I would never have 7 kids and leave them, you'd have to be pretty low. I've said some nasty things to my mom, but come on!!! She also keeps calling my father ( who I've never met) my " Old Man" and telling me to go live with him. She also tries to make me jealous by taliing about men that like her and trying on clothes in front of me and making model faces.
Anyway, that way really long, but I really need help and I appreciate it so much!!! Please, help, why is my mom like this and what should I do to stop it? Thank you so much!!!