Why is my hymen white?

Well I am a carmel colored female.. I really dont pay attention to my body as I should but last week I noticed that my hymen was a milky white and not a pink color it has never been any color but pink... Doesnt hurt, not swollen or anything. I was also wonderin if its linked to a light brown discharge.. Same texture as a normal discharge though. I just got off the pill and it will be a year for me off of the depo shot on the 16th of this month.. Still no regular period. Has any otha female experinced this? Or have a reason why my hymen changed colors? Oh and I did not just lose my v... Lost that when I was 14

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ummm... the hymen can be inside or outside, depending on race, religion, and just the female body. min's on the outside, so yea... anyway you shoul consult you gynacologist. It could be a fungal disease, or a rare blood disorder. I advise physician help, even if it's minor! Better safe then sorry.

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Actually anko, your hymen isn't inside you, it is just outside your vagina.

To be honest ivjbk, I have no idea why you suddenly have turned milky white down there. Are you sure that it wasn't white from the beginning?

does having your period mean you broken your hymen?

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Um, your hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the opening to your vaj.
I'm not sure, but I don't generally see my hymen. Even before I lost my virginity.
I don't think what you're looking at is your hymen. Your hymen is inside you.
And when you lost your virginity, your hymen should have torn and eventually disappeared altogether.
So again, I don't think what you're looking at is your hymen.

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

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