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I have an lg view cell phone that I got in july of this year. I rarely use it but keep it on at all times. my battery seems to loose its charge very quickly. some times it lasts 4-5 days, other times 1 day. it seems that something is wrong with this battery. do you think if I replaced the battery that would solve the problem of it draining so quickly? I just didn't know if it is a problem with the phone that makes it drain. any thoughts would be appreciated. thank you!

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Quite odd... does the battery drain faster when you use it? Perhaps when you go to your service providers store (if they have one) they'll be able to replace the battery for you. Usually the problem is the battery. If you talk on it a lot when it only lasts one day, talking really drains the battery cause the phone has to use a lot of juice to send and recieve the signals from the tower. If its a prepaid phone you're better off replacing it.

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Thanks for your answers. I think I will go to my AT&T store and see what they can do. What is EVDO? I only use my phone maybe 1 or twice a week. I just charged it yesterday and it already drained. That was the quickest it has done that. Don't know if it matters, but I work in town but live approx. 45 miles from town.

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Do you have AT&T? If so contact them you should still have some kind of warrenty and they should give you a new battery.

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