Why is my cat pulling his hair out?

My cat has been pulling his hair out and I don’t know why.Recently we had to put our dog to sleep because of old age. What do you think is wrong with him? Please state your sources.

Answer #1

Was he pulling his hair out BEFORE you put the dog to sleep? If so, Then take him to the vet. He may have some skin ailment.

If he JUST started pulling out his hair AFTER you put the dog to sleep, Then he’s probaly not use to the change of the dog not being there. Maybe, You should get a new puppy, Not from a breeder, But the shelter! You don’t have to, But it would be pretty nice if you did. -Dogluver.

Answer #2

Hair pulling can be a neurotic behavior with cats…and since this is a big change for him (and we all know cats hate change)…it could very well be because of the loss of his friend.

The first thing, tho, whenever ANY animal goes into a behavior change is to eliminate physical ailments. Take him into the Vet for a check up and make sure it’s not a skin/coat ailment.


Answer #3

Could be what the above says, it could be stress (you said the dog died.. If the cat was close to the dog, the cat may be missing him), or it could be having an allergic reaction to something. Have you changed anything in the environment lately? New food, water, furniture, cushions, grass, plant? Anything could cause a reaction.

Answer #4

He could have a skin fungas… Our cousins cat had a terrible problem and always pulled her hair out and it turned out she had a skin fungas, if you take it to the vet, they will give you some ointment and a bandage over the skin so they don’t make it any worse.

The fungas get’s under the cat’s skin and makes it very itchy and uncomfortable and in pain.

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