Why is my abdomen hurting?

It was like 5-10 minutes until volleyball practice was over & my abdomen started hurting…like the flat part above your ‘private area’..I think that’s your abnomen? Anyways, its not a pain that’s killing me..but could I’ve done something @ volleyball to make it hurt?

Answer #1

yes it sounds like cramps to me. if you’ve already started your period it could mean your going to be having it again soon. and also you could have pulled a muscle in vollyball cause it definately uses a lot of muscles.

Answer #2

maybe its your period coming on. cause I get bad pains in the same place a few days b4i get my period or the day before

Answer #3

It kinda sounds like you pulled or strained that muscle a bit. It should stop by tomorrow if it’s not killing you.

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