Why are my cat and turtle soo affectionate towards one and other?

The cat will sit on top of the turtle tank and watch him for hours… The turtle starts swimming frantically(which is not a good thing soo I am told) when the cat is no longer in sight… The cat tries to open the tank all the time…and when the tank is being cleaned the cat stands over the turtle like hes protecting it… Is this a normal occurance?

Answer #1

lol its normal … my cat used to do that with my brothers turtle …but it was a desert turtle..soo like I remember seeing my cat and my bro’s turtle just siting if front of each other face to face ..for hours …it was like they cummunicated to each other… also my cat and dog got along when they were younger and till now they are really close.. so what most people sa that cats and dogs dont get along ..they actually do.. so most likely your turtle and cat are like mine lol..like they are cumminicating with each other…its normal :p

Answer #2

well I wouldnt leave them together unsupervised lol your cat is probably just taking interest in a small live thing that moves around, same as a mouse. I used to have a mouse and my cats would watch him too, sit on his cage, etc. though I tried to keep them away from him. cats love catching things that move. so thats probably what it is. I don’t know about the turtle swimming frantically… I didnt understand if he did this when the cat was or was not around. if its when the cat is absent, he probably does it because he was scared/nervous with the cat around so kept still, and when the cat leaves he might feel like he needs to get away or something before it comes back. if he does it while the cat is present, its still most likely out of fear. you probably shouldnt let the cat around your turtle much, I may be wrong about the details but it is most likely scaring your turtle and it isnt good for animals to stay scared and nervous. good luck hope this helped

Answer #3

ummm… I have left them unattended plenty… and the turtle is almost 15 lbs soo im sure its not scared of a 6 lb cat, and turtles go in their shell when they are scared not towards the apparent threat… thanks though…anyother suggestions???

Answer #4


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