Why is it important for scientists to use the scientific method?

Why is it important for scientists to use the scientific method?

Answer #1

Because they wouldn’t be scientists if they don’t. Science is the practice of the scientific method to learn more about the world around us.

Answer #2

They wouldn’t look very professional otherwise ;) But I get your point…the simpler ways do work as well, I think its just the way that is more complicated probably gets you the most accurate answer.

Answer #3

Scientists use the scientific method to help them stay on track and focused when they are coming up with hypotheses and theories. Check out http://www.akatoo.com/question.html?question_id=4902981 for a more detailed description.

Answer #4

if we took results from one answer. this world would parish. also being a scientist is a person who studies for new information. the scientist who said there will never be a cure for cancer were wrong. but if no one tried after that, where would we be. and since not all circumstances are the same. different results. scientist thought that the world was flat. and boy were they wrong. I could go on but you see what im saying.

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