Why is hollister such a big deal?

Why is Hollister such a big deal? Everyone at my school is a Hollister zombie! There's like no originality. I think Hollister's nice but overrated! C'mon! 60 dollars for a hoodie?! I'm cheap... lol . Not only that but I like setting myself apart from the huge crowds of Hollister zombies. I LIKE SHOPPING DIFFERENT PLACES. But... lately I've been wanting to buy a sweater from there...

Should I?

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I have no Idea what the hell Hollister is (Apart from being a 'big name' brand) I'm guessing it's like Roxy, Billabong, Supre ect, it's just a trend some people like it some don't. If you like their clothes and are willing to pay for them, buy them. Don't let the fact that it's popular stop you from wearing the clothes or feel the need that you have to so you can 'fit in' .

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hollister is a huge deal because if you have something from there it means you made it out without dying from the all the purfume fumes they dump everywhere :p

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It all depends on you but if you want to you should get one that's different from every ones so that it is original and still designer. =]

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This is sooo sad. People have become obsessed with this fad. The clothes do not look good, the people in the stores are so up themselves and the clothes are definitely overpriced considering the fact that it's crap. I avoid these stores at all costs, not because I want to avoid looking like a douche but because I buy clothes I like, I don't stick to one style. People have such problems with just being themselves, people are a lot happier that way. And you can still look good... I get girls coming up to me and saying "wow, why are you always so well dressed?" they abercrombie guys don't get that, plus the girls usually tell me they look like posers. Think about it...

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Okay, hollister is just a stupid clothing store that every preppy girl (mostly Caucasian) goes to. Personally, I think their prices are ridiculous for shirts and jeans that all look alike, they're just in different colors.

If your wiling to pay a lot of money and like following the preppy crowd then go ahead!

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I only buy the big fur jacket when it gets on the sale

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I have some stuff from thoses stores, but they are all gifts from people. I really like the bag that you get from Abercrombie because of the guy on it...LOL. He is really good looking.

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go for it! why not?!

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I only shop at Hollister if I love something there. I agree that it is slightly overpriced for some people. I personally don't think it is. But, if you love the hoodie, go for it. If you think it's worth the money.

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hollister is good but OVERPRICED only get it if you love it...did you get it???

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I like pullandbear.

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Yeah, right! People are not very rich these days. Hollister sucks. You can buy something better looking that is cheaper. That's just my opinion.

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My opinion is that I don't shop at those shi**y stores. I think they are way expensive, I go to other places that have cuter clothes that are worth their price!!!

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For the information of those who have no clue what retailers are affiliated with one another... Old Navy is owned by Gap and that company is actually closing stores because its sales are suffering. American Eagle is not as popular with me because personally I think their clothes are terrible and do not fit me because I am not out of proportion like most the people who work in their stores. Not to mention their brand keeps trying to rip off Abercrombie's designs which is why we need to send people to the factories to protect them from other companies spying on what we are coming out with for the next season. ridiculous...culprits of those offenses are American eagle, heritage, aeropostale, and garage. Abercrombie & Fitch is the parent company of Hollister, A92 (what we call the kid store), Ruehl no.925, and now Gilly Hicks. Abercrombie & Fitch is the most successful speciality clothing retailer in the world. It is run buy very young people who know what the consumer is looking for. Every manager has a 4 year degree and moves up FAST I am in my early 20's and a GM of a 5 million dollar store. So when these obnoxious parents come in and accuse me of being stupid or undereducated I laugh. Im 24 most likely have more education than you run a staff of 160 people and well probably make more money than you too. We like loud music, great smells, and soft clothes because we are aiming at the senses. We offer a great in store experience which give the brand a definition unlike our competitors with bad fluorescent lighting and a crappy metal rack or a box with a clearance sign on it. If you think the clothes are expensive it is because the cost to produce clothing and SHIP it with rising costs of fuel prices must rise on the sales floor. It is in the end a business. The brand is popular and yes most people stereotype the brand... wear it because you like it and enjoy the product if you like it buy it if you don't move on its called personal taste. If you have an issue with the quality save your receipt and talk to a manager if it is indeed a quality issue you can take it back. If your mommy washes your cashmere sweater and shrinks it that is not our problem. If you wash your dark denim jeans with shirts the dye runs in dark jeans so what happens?...follow the care instructions!

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hollister is a big deal because kids like you make it a big deal. it really isnt, I could seriously give a sh!t if some1s shirt had an eagle on it. you want the hoodie because you are giving into a trend, I would never spend 50 bones for a shirt that looks like it needs to be ironed or has the color fading. notice how a lot of the people here are labeling other people by how they dress, thats fvcked up dude, like how can someone be a poser for wearing a fvckin shirt? that makes me want to buy it even less. I mean if you really want it and you want it not just because every1 else has it and because you think by buying it youll fit in, then buy it but if youre buying it because you think people will like you more, than dude youre buying it for the wrong reasons.

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Be who you are. If you like the hoodie by all mean BUY IT! Calling clothing or anything "preppy" is stupid and immature. Once everyone grows up and goes into the working world you'll relaize that everyone are just people! There is no preppies, jocks,skaters, etc. You're all just people! Get the F over it! Wear what you like! I used to be the "skater" kid. I used to buy all black clothes and I'd wear them in Ex large which in fact I'm rerally a medium. I looked utterly ridiculous. Finally I woke the F up and went to stores and try stuff on to see what looked and felt good TO ME. That's the most important thing. If you like the way it feels on you and you think you look good in it then buy it cause that's the only thing that matters. I'm 25 now and my friends still wear all black clothes from hot topic, which is fine. It's what they like. But that's not me. I found what I look great in and I love the way it feels on me. That just happens to be Hollister and American Engle. I also love the sweatpants from Aeropostale. What I mean by all of this is, go out and find what works for you. F everyone else.

Oh and if someone calls you out cause you are wearinf "trendy" clothing, brush it off your shoulder cause they are just jealous. :)

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I honestly think its such a big deal beceause the models are like amazingly hot !
personally I don't shop there unless something really cute is there, cauusee its like the shittiest quality every !

Abercrombie and Juicy Couture are much better quallity !

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The only 4 places I would shop is american eagle,hollister,abercrombie,and pacsun.
Go for it.

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I dont like wearing cheap clothes so I obviously shop at expensive stores.I dont think hollister is overpriced at all!im a hollister & aeropostale junkiie!they are like drugs 2 me!if you dont like either store,then I think you should give them a chance and then decide whether or not if you like the clothes or not.plus hollister smells super good!

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It's kind of stupid to shop there exclusively (and go out in public bedecked in ONLY Hollister) but I own a top or two from Hollister and I'm not obsessed with it. I'd totally shop there more often if I could.

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No lie that they have really cut clothes but I'm totally with you when I say that their clothes are wwwayyy to expensive. sh*t you could get like 20 outfits at Wal-Mart with 60 dollars.

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I hate that shyt im mean im not bein racist but that sht is 4 white people I luv 2 wear rocawear and babyphat southpole and apple bottom I mean there clothes are 2 no chest no azz white people

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well, I never shop at hollister or abercromie because why would I want a tee for 30 bucks? they have nice clothes and all but you should be original. you don't have to buy from brand names to be cool. there are great things out there that are much cheaper. and you'll be notcied out of those hollister zzombies if you be urself and different. :)

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omg!I was doing a slide show in my class about our fav stuff and I looked at all my friends' slides and every single one had the same exact thing fav stores:abercrombie,hollister,american eagle,and aeropastel...unfortinutly back then I was stupid enough to copy them but to be honest with you im sick of it-every single girl I see is so lame a tee that says hollister and some stupid bermudas.anyways I perfer stores that actually have more then just blue and white in it like charlette rousse,wet seal,forever 21,and occasinally papiya.jeez I dont know whats the obbsession besides there amazing smelling perfume theres nothingAT ALL great about holister-I know every cheesy movie says this but stop following the trends maybe the hz's will snap out of it and see what there missing.so to wrap it all up I honestly dont think you should get the sweater I mean $60!! my sis bought a brand new camcorder with that!I hope you learn something from this...oh and I hope the hollister people do too because really theres so many other cute stuff out there!dont you miss putting together an actual outfit-maybe you dont but I just hope maybe someday everyone will stop acting like flippin' jerks that go around thinking there soo cool because they wear a stupid t-shirt with a label on it c'mon my grandma can make that-get serious...and that includes everyone!

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i have never been in there, All of a sudden everyone at my skool is wearing hollister shirts too...but if u like it buy it

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Well, I don't shop at Hollister, or Abercombie, or Aeropostal. I just like to shop where there are cute and different. I don't want to be like any other "High Quality Person."
To tell you the truth, I love Gabriel Brothers. They have Name Brand clothes for a cheap price. And their clothes are different too. For me, instead of American Eagle jeans and an Abercombie T-shirt, I like to wear a patched skirt and a Beatles shirt.=]

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ha I hate name brands wait I take that back
I hate dressing like other people but I do have name
brand hoddies and shoes thats it but I get them when
there cheap

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I love hollister, and I love when guys wear it, I think it shows a whole attitude and makes you look like you have style. if it isnt your style dont get it though. dont feel like you have to fit in. originality is sexy also. but where you say you have been wanting to, sounds like your style is changing. dont be afraid to try one on and see if you like it.

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Hollister sucks. But their guy models are hot XD
It's not 60 dollars for a hoodie.
It's 60 dollars for a *censored* piece of candy!
Their ripped jeans are like, 130-150 dollars a piece, which is ridiculous because why not go to Wal-mart and buy jeans there for like 20 dollars and then put holes in it.
Hollister EPIC FAILS.

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In my opinion, Hollister has clothes (and other items) that are really cute, comfortable, and has long duration (they last a long time). If you don't like it, however, don't buy it; don't buy it because others are wearing it. This is when you lose your self identity. Clothes are material things; don't ever let material items be your life because one day they won't matter anymore. There are more imporant things in life.

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Hollister is the most awesome store. if somebody hate its there stupid. LOL

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its problably all made in the same factory in China anyways for $1, and it's a fad just like FUBU was, it will pass shortly. Until then someone is making a boatload of cash

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I personally love Hollister I don't know why , I just do ! <3

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Hollister is a big deal .. why??... because there stuff is in style.. I am on a tight budget but if they have a good sale sure ill get something from there. Try Old Navy.. sure they arent REALLY a name brand but there clothing is awesome.. and they have that stuff a bag sale and you get stuff for like free!

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Hollister and Aero, American eagle etc..are a big deal because they are in style.. I believe that is the ONLY reason... sure I buy clothes there but they are ALWAYS the ones on sale!... Try old Navy.. sure it isnt REALLY a brand name.. but a lot of people shop there and their stuff is in style... they have GREAT sales too! good luck and be your self

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I just started wearing about a year ago just for the fact of fitting in with everybody else, and I found that I actually really liked shopping there, I mean, if thats the only place you shop, then you get used to the prices and find them reasonable once you've bought enough clothing from there.

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ew ok aeropostle is disgusting its like a knock off of abercrombie and hollister but I think A&F is better than hollister hollisters stuff falls apart easily go to rhuel too but A&F owns Rhuel so there stuff is kinda siimilar but they have good stuff and you get what you pay for so...

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It's big because its expencive and it's always the "in" thing to look like you have money to spend soo much on something that you can by tons cheaper.

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well I think hollister is cheap..and no im not a rich bitch btw..I like buying stuff that I like and its what I like ..I like all good brands like juicy .so if your gunna buy a hoodie from hollister just watch out because 20 other people might be wearing the same thing .and chances are if your asking people on the computer that you sont even know at all..you have no sense of fashion at all and yes my dad is calvin klein!

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Actually, most people are NOT rich these days. Don't let anyone tell you that. If you want to wear clothes from other places, go for it. You should be a leader not a follower. Hollister is way too expensive, you can get some cute clothes that look like it for a lot cheaper, you just have to look. Also, try out resell stores, they get a lot of name brand clothes in, and it's way more reasonable. Bottom line..do what you want, and don't follow the crowd.

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Abercrombie and Hollister are the same, basically. [No offense to people who just LOVE A&F and HCo.] My school's invaded by Hollister and Abercrombie zombies too dude and it's so lame. Just a moose and a seagull. What is the big deal? And where do they even get the letters? It's just ALWAYS wandering around in my mind...

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It sucks that stuff is so expensive and yeah, people at my school are all Abercrombie/Hollister zombies--most likely because I live in a really rich area, but it sickens me. I shop there if I LIKE something. But it's usually not worth it anyway because it's so expensive so I just buy it for cheaper somewhere else. Haha. Buy it if you like it and have the money.

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Definitely!!! go for it, it will also probably make you more popular at school too! I always the it and other brands like that, and that is exactly why I am popular and I love being it too! lol. IT WILL HELP IN THE LONG RUN!! trust me, what type of guys dont like girls who wear big brands like that, duh! NONE!!!

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okay Hollister is NOT quality. Prada, Armani, Gucci etc- that's quality. To answer your question that was posted 2 years ago, Hollister is expensive just because they want to be. People will think you'll look cool buying "expensive Hollister clothing."
All it is is fabric with cute designs. I'm sure you can find better items at other stores, for a much better price. I personally sometimes shop at Hollister, but always look for good deals (as you can see practically 75% of the Hollister customers in the back of the stores by the clearance items.) I also don't wear it all the time. I'd rather have originality by shopping at different stores and not caring what other people think about what I wear? There are tons of great stores like Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Express, etc. Whatever you can find that's in your budget line-GO for it.

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I dont like hollister but if you want it then thats your choice. I mean their prices are ridiculous

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itll get out of style x]

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Yup if you like it. You should. It's worth it if you like it:)

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hollister is to bright for me o_O ITS SO BEACHY I_I not HOTOPIC IS THE PLACE FOR ME O_O but sence im nice if you want the hoodie and you think its worth spending and you cant wait to get it its just making yer teeth chatter and yer about to explode if you dont get it then get it o_o if not then dont even bother spending the money on one hoodie when there are like a billion zillion mamillion more out there o_O SAFE UP YER MONEY!!! CHa CHING$_$

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I think if you like the sweater, get it. Hollister is nice sometimes, but it's definitley not worth it to go "hollister zombie" as you put it :P. I think people like it so much because it makes them think theyre cooler than people who dont wear it. I'm not trying to bash people who wear Hollister, because I wear it too. I think that you should just buy what you love, no matter what brand.

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yesss yess you should buy a sweater from there!
I was at hollister today, and I got5 2 pairs of jeans[$30 each]
2 shirts[like $20 each] hoodie[$40] && a pair of flip flops[$20]

I love hollister!

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Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle...they are ALL THE SAME THING...just different symbols on the clothing. and I agree, the prices are outrageous. I own 2 shirts from Hollister.. that's it...and they were on the clearance rack. All the people on here saying you poor or saying you're not 'cool' if you can't afford it are just stuck up preppy biches. I hate to stereotpye but some of the things being said on here are just unexceptable. don't let not being able to afford clothes from the name brand stores make you feel not good enough. be different and buy stuff no one else does. if you see something cute and affordable...then go for it! if you like the sweater at Hollister then buy it...but only if you think its worth it. don't get me wrong, I would buy more stuff from there if I had the money to do so...but I don't so I don't let it bother me. no im not poor by any means but I actually have to work for my money. unlike rich kids do. hence the reason they are spoiled little biches who get everything they want and feel like they have to right to treat people however they want. name brands are overrated, plain and simple. its just clothes...like all the other stores out there have.

hope I helped.

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Well, I love their slim jeans and sweaters... Really comfortable. But then again, I don't go there often.

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I personally am in love with hollister and abercrombie.
its kinof hard to keep up with buying it because I do agree its WAY over priced
my brotther even told me they make them for like 10 dollers and sell them for like 30 or more. I dont get it. but anyways I keep up with the fashion and I love it. but at my school everyone is sudenly wearing it to. its really weird.
but I dont think that helped at all because I agree with your question/


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I work at hollister, so the majority of my clothes are from there. hollister is a very popular teen brand, and no matter what type of clothes you like, at some point, there will be something you want to buy from there. I hate that our generation has dulled down to social groups only wearing a certain brand, and others being non-conformits' just to be different. people can wear whatever they want, when they want. reguardless of what social group/race/size they are.

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I think hollister is alright, but some people are just crazy about it. I mean, everywhere you go, you see people wearing hollister. I guess people think that it's just cool to wear it. I agree that it is a bit high priced, and if some people act like the price is no deal to them, they are just stuck up and well stuck up!

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Most kids buying these clothes are in the age range where they feel the need to belong to something or if not they will feel lost or are afraid that somebody think they are part of the loser crowd. It is all about some distorted vision that make you think you are not good enough and people will laugh at you if you are not cool.

It is not about the quality of the clothes itself but more about what reaction their peers will get when they see them with the new Hollister shirt or whatever else is the new flavor of the month. It is all about being noticed by people that are your friends and about bragging and showing off to people that are not your friends.

For a minute imagine you are the last human on earth, everyone is gone and you decide to go for a walk around your town, will you be as preocupied and put as much important on what you are wearing? You could be a bald headed 12 year old girl and could care less!!

It is Sad that this is what most kids here in the US are worried about when there is so much pain and injustice and hunger. Wake up. This is not reality.

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Yeah you should buy a sweater from there. Personally i love Hollsiter and Abercrombie and i dont think its over priced, but thats my opinion. Even if you want to be different buying one sweater or even a few things wont make u the same zombie like everyone else.

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Sooo many people shop at hollister and it is so not original. buying one sweatshirt is not a crime but their crap is overpriced, everyone has the same stuff from there.

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I think it's because of the softness of the shirts. Ha ha, I'm wearing a shirt now. In my defense, the 3 shirts I have from there are bought on clearance to all you haters! To all you lovers, I don't care what you wear. If you like Hollister, wear Hollister. My current obsession is this amazing pair of boots I got at Urban Outfitters for $40. They're flat on the bottom, fit me perfectly, and are gray. Best thing I've ever bought. But ANYWAYS... It's a trend. That's why.

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ew i hate hollister. go for something like juicy or chanel. great brands. and juicy isn't that expensive, especially when your just looking for hoodies or "casual cute"

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