Why is he still doing this to me even though we broke up?

ok so me and my boyfriend broke up after dating for a long time and so right after he broke up with me he went out with this girl and then he broke up with her like after 2 week and he said she was a bitch but thats not the point. so he txts me often and when we were together we were talking about having sex and doing blows and stuff like that and so we txt each other and he says stuff like “I really need to be in you rite now!” and like “im picturing you blowing me rite now” and stuff like that but he also told me “ya but I dont want to be in another relationship for a while” so why is he saying this and stuff because he knows I still love him but he says he doesn’t love me and stuff…

Answer #1

This man is only taking advantage of your feelings.Dont let him convince you to say these things.He only prides himself in knowing he still got you when he wants you.my advice lose any contact form him-best of luck-

Answer #2

not all guys are the same…im a guy and that offends me. you think all guys want sex and thats it? thats bs. maybe all the guys you date. but most guys I know arnt like that and are with the girls they are with because they actually like them…

Answer #3

Its obvious he only wants you for one thing…

Answer #4

yeah all he wants is sex from you… DONT TEXT HIM BACKKK… GUYS ALL are THE SAME…

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