Why is black shih tzu is loseing her hair ?

My black shih tzu is loseing her hair shes 4 and half when you pet her hair falls out in your hand I think it’s from stress she not shedding

Answer #1

nothings changed

Answer #2

shes no sic has no mange nothing

Answer #3

mange mabe??

Answer #4

Well, stress will certainly make them lose hair…What is stressing her? Did someone leave your household…did you move…has her schedule changed in any way? It has to be something that is pretty obvious…Dogs don’t stress over the things that humans do (like she doesn’t go to bed at night and worry about her school life or fret about dying)…Did you switch foods (did the food you’re using switch ingredients)…Did you get her a new bed or something that might be causing an allergy?

Maybe take her to the Vet for blood panel…to eliminate things like thyroid, Cushings, etc…

I’m a lover of Fish Oil capsules…it’s packed with Omega’s, and is great for healthy skin and healthy coats…You can buy it at Walmart…very inexpensive, and most dogs love them…


Answer #5

Well depends. If it a lot of hair then it may be something. But a normal shedding amout is nothing. You can also add oil to her/his food.


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