Why im in this kind of relationship?

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 9 month now,he doesn’t trust me, we don’t go out for a fun, in a week we can meet twice or once a day. Every time I said to him that I love you, he so hard for him to reply I love you too. When we met together he was so romantic, he used to loves, care, trust, calls me more at any time he likes. After few month’s he totaly changed, he sometimes pick up my calls when he feel like, I have to beg him to came and spend time with me. We don’t go out, we always met at his house or mine, if I want to spend my time out, he become very jalous, asking me to go back home. The second things, he like looking at my phone, while I can’t touch his one, he block his phone with a private pin number, its very hard for him to said !baby I love! If I start asking him questions why we don’t go out, why you don’t love me any more, why is your phone block, straight away his mood will changed. Im so confused now, when I need him the most his always away for me. Last time I told him I want to stop this relationship he started begging me and cry, but I still not seing the difference! He still the same, its always hard for him to say he loves me. Im in a hell relationship, I need to move on but I don’t know how to begin, because I love him sooo much!

Answer #1

Maybe hes not that interested, a trick that I know is…(-warning-doesnt always work-)…try to act not interested in him and maybe he’ll come back, but dont push him too far.

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