Why isn't our sex life no what it used to be?

Me and hubby been married for 3 years now, and for some reason our sex life is not as exciting as it used to be. Im not turned on enough when we doing it, and I have to think of having sex with someone else to get myself wet. I do love my hubby more then anything in the world. So I don’t understand why this is. Any advise?

Answer #1

ok (speaking from somewho has had similar problems…)

there are MANY factors to consider first (I know you’ve probably heard them all…) however..

how much are both of you working? how much time is consumed by stressfull activitys during the day? etc

thing is, sex with a long term partner is as much of a reflection of the way the person feels ABOUT the person, as in the way they are being treated etc, rather than how much they ‘fancy’ them..

what’s changed in your relationship? my friend is in a long term relationship and she has TOTALLY gone off sex, I think it’s been months she he and her, erm, were productive??…thing is..is not that she doesn’t fancy him, she does, she finds him very attractive…but she’s unhappy in the relationship in other ways… she feels over demanded in loads of other areas of her life and feels A) that she hasn’t got the energy for it…and B) that she kind of resents him for not helping out more..

to be honest, this isn’t a fine art..there is no ‘ONE’ answer…I think it’s really important to look at your relationship as a whole as see if there is anything you are unhappy about, frustrated with etc…sex in an extension part of a relationship, it’s something that is the ultimate form of affection…but it is the last level..so you have to make sure other areas of your life are being fullfilled, before you can be 100% sexually fulfilled…

also…I you finding it a bit repetative? same position / length / times etc..if so, you just may need to be more experimental…as long as you’re both comfortable with you’re doing, then enjoy it…

and even when you do…imagining yourself with someone else isnt unheard of…but if you don’t like it, and up until recently you have concentrated on your other half, I would hazard a guess that t here may be something else bothering you.


Answer #2

hmmm…personally I think you need to address any other issues if there are any…you can’t just paint over the crack in the plaster and hope it looks ok…

Answer #3

3rd year of a partnership is always a little difficult. The exitement and the feeling of haven fallen in love goes away. And you have a lot of everyday routine in it already. Most divorces are between 3rd and 7th year of a marriage.

Do something together. Like a trip. Or anything you both like. Get a new hobby that you both like. Find something new that gets you out of routine. That will imprive your relationship. And having better days together will also make the nights better.

bye the sheep

Answer #4

Do something to spice it up. After being married (I know I’m married) sex becomes more of an after thought. There is no build up and no excitement to sex. You really need to get back into the habit of spicing life up. Give him dirty text messages while he is at work letting him know what you want to do with him when he/you get home. The anticipation makes it better for both of you. Also, try role playing, tkae it out of the bedroom, bring foreplay back.

This is normal and typical to happen in a marriage and one of the main things people need to learn to work through. I believe its the main reason for divorce. But is simply fixed.

Role Play Blind Folds Start off with Oral

You need to change up to routine. It will bring spice back to your sex life.

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