Why; I have really low self esteem and I'm not even that ugly?

allright so I know I’m not ugly and a lot of people say I’m pretty so I don’t even want to go there but I just don’t see it. my 2 sisters are gorgeous and skinny and I can’t help but feel lousy ugly and fat. They can walk up to anyone and say anything and they can do just everything better then me…I feel like and idiot and people always look at them rather then me and I just hate myself…what the hell is my problem???!!!

Answer #1

hey there :) .. I can understand your problem and I can relate to it as well.

I have two elder sisters , both of whom are literally flawless with green eyes. (I was stuck with brown lol.) I kept beating myself up about how I’m not as good as them or pretty as them.

Then I started researching something called auras, which is the energy field surrounding our bodies like a bodyguard. Each layer of energy of the aura represents our physical, mental, and emotional beings. (It is very hard to see auras as they are made up of different colours of light and infra-red light, but it is possible to see them if you concentrate.)

People who have had traumatic periods in life such as abuse, depression, low self esteem and negative thoughts and energy have auras that a muddy, very close to the body, or have chunks of enrgy missing from their auras.

It is possible to repair your aura by visualization techniques that can be done everyday. By imagining a bright light entering your body and the negative energy and thoughts pouring out your feet like mud. Do this together with deep breathing excercises.

By Having positive thoughts about yourself and believing that you can create your own fortune, beauty and prosperity your aura will stand out and shine far out , resisting negativity that may bring you down and feel emotionally powerless.

I know you probably ask yourself questions like , “Why am I like this?” , “Why cant I be the lucky one for once.”. But it’s time to stop and realize that you are able to do extraordinary things once you put your mind to it.

I wish you all the best in shining out your strength and positive abilites to suceed.

Take care x

Answer #2

I feel exactly the same way, people say I’m pretty & stuff. But I have really low self esteem, and my sister’s like really skinny & really pretty.

Answer #3

These people are right, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. Even comparing yourself to celebrities is bad, and I know it happens because people see the magazines and think they’re horrific by comparison; and they’re just not. For your family I’m guessing your sisters are older than you,which leads you to feel inferior and the comparisons you make seem to be very common. You just need to find ways to reassure yourself that you are in fact a nice person, and people do like you. You said it yourself, you like a guy and he likes you. Shouldn’t that be enough to allow you to say “Yeah I am a good person, I am nice and I am interesting… .” Don’t worry about it, with time you’ll eventually feel much more comfortable with yourself and around other people and the self esteem problems will fade away.

Answer #4

Heyy omg Im just like you. Every one tells me that I’m “pretty” I don’t believe them; I meant I’m a lil thick and stuff and I’ve had boyfriends but I just can’t get that low self esteem out of me. I guess we shud just see the bright side of things. I mean I’m hoping we both stop Thinkin like that because it won’t take us nowher.and this guy I really like and likes me as well gets all mad when I bring myself down.People who care about you wouldn’t want you to bring itself down either. Anywhoo just I mean enjoy life I bet you have a great personality inside and that’s what everyone loves. Goood luck hun<3

Answer #5

ok guys heres the deal. number one thing NOT to do that you have done. Comparing yourself to others especially family. believe me I’ve done it before and it doesn’t do any good. And that doesn’t mean go by the newest make-up or straighten your hair to make yourself look better because that doesn’t help and you guys sound like you don’t need it anyways. So stop comparing yourselves to others and wait for someone to come to you appear friendly and be yourself.

Answer #6

well I think you are beautiful

Answer #7

I can’t really answer your questoin but the same thing happens to me

Answer #8

The more you compare yourself to others, the less you become yourself. Try to be yourself, and not others.

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