Why do I cry during and after sex?

Why sometime when I have sex and after sex I cry.

Answer #1

Okay so I was researching tonight and I planned to just be reading and not responding but when I was the pathetic half assed guessed responses to this I had to post something.

There are various different reasons why you could be crying during and after sex, sex is such an emotional experience, there are so many emotions that a person goes through during and after sex, and during and after an orgasm, and women surely do give into their emotions a lot more then men and in a sexual experience you don’t really have a choice to stop the flow of your emotions it can be so overwhelming that you just burst out in tears as a vent, it can be because it was so pleasurable and your happy and they are all flowing good emotions or it can leave you unstatisfyed, unhappy, empty, worthless ect, it’s almost black in white in my opinon atleast with thoes two things..

There’s about a million other reasons, psycology triggering something from the past, abuse, could be scared, feeling sin, or dirty, past relationship, there’s litterally to many reasons to state, count or type out, You should think about it try and analyze how you feel when your crying, record some of the things that are rushing through your head, I’m saying record them cause after you come down off your happy or depressed high you might forget everything you were thinking out and maybe after thinking about all that try and figure out why you think your crying, it’ll take time and you may never know.

I don’t think I’m ever going to figure out why I feel so used after and during sex.

Answer #2

this is the time you get lost into another world of pleasure.don’t feel bad about it thats the principle of having something which iz very opposite to you.

Answer #3

You’re reminded of your one and only true love who ended up dumping you for another person?

Answer #4

Sex releases a lot of tension and stress (one of the reason’s its healthy for you :-) Sometimes it also makes you feel vulnerable to share such an intimate experience with someone. It can be for lots of reasons put together (ex.: loneliness, love, happiness, etc). Either way, it’s not a bad thing to cry (that also is good for you too) and it’s better to let it out and get a big hug then to keep it inside.

Answer #5

because it aint with the right person and u feel really bad

Answer #6

I must admit… I would find that to be very disturbing…

Answer #7

maybe its all your emotions rushing you cry cause your happy.

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