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Girl Crying After Sex. What do I do?

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So this girl is 19 and she hasnt had sex in like 2 years. and we were fooling around foreplay at her house for like 3 hours. Then we went to have sex and first she told me to get the condom before she changed her mind about using it... but I grabbed it anyways cause I knew she wanted one. Then when we actually go to do it she says shes not sure about it then says she wants it and kinda goes back and forth for a minute so when she said ok again i just did it real fast cause she was pissing me off. Then I was kinda uncomnfortable because she was acting like she wanted to stop but then said sorry so I went a little faster and she freaked out and said this doesnt feel right a bunch of times and pushed me away and starte crying.... Im not sure what to do... how to feel... did i do something wrong here? .. woman are fcking weird..