why has my rottwieler lost weight and has sores around his butt?

I have a Rottwieler, I took him to the vet for his shots twice. He started losing weight,his eyes looked pale,he stopped eating, and sores broke out on his butt and stared to spread.I called a vet to see what’s wrong. He gave him a shot and told me to by a tonic,I did. I helped. He started to eat again but his poop has worms in it. Is he going to die what should I do?

Answer #1

he is losing weight because of having worms so bad..if they are visible in his stools, he has them bad! Please take himt o a vet and and get him treated with wormer..he will have to have it done two or three diffeerent times within a few weeks to get rid of them completely. Yes, he will die if not treated.

Answer #2

I don’t know about the sores around his butt…however, if he has worms in his poop, that is EASY to take of. The fact they are visible in his poop, tells me he is VERY wormy…and yes, they can die…

This is simple to take care of…get back to the Vet and take a stool sample with you…so they can treat your pupper with exactly what he needs.


Answer #3

Okay, just go to the vet and get worm pills for him. If you get the pills and he wont eat them, just get a dab of peanut butter on the pill and give it to your dog. Thats what I did.

Answer #4

id think so. he probably has some kind of infection. maybe an reaction to the shot. inform him about it. in the mean while hes probably gonna be okay

Answer #5

I would change Vets. and take him to the new vet.

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