Why don't I eat a lot anymore?

I use to eat a lot. I mean like 3+ meals a day ( not counting snacks). Am not fat never was but still I use to eat when I woke up then a few hours after that. Then dinner then midnight snacking ect. Lol I use to alway stuff my face. But the last few days I havn’t been eating as much. I eat lunch at school and eat some of my dinner. Maybe 1 snack later on and that it .even when I know am hungry. I still don’t go eat. I still got like 3 cans of food in my room from like a week ago ( that amazing).. Like right now am hungry. Am just not wanting to go cook ( am not being lazy or anything). Maybe this is a teen change or something. I been drinking great like alway but yea I don’t eat a lot no more ( that what it seem like). Why? ( am not sick I feel great)

Answer #1

im not sure what’s going on, but in a way it’s a good thing that your not eating too much anymore. maybe now your body is realizing that you should eat ONLY when your really hungry, not when your mind is telling you to eat.

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