Why does the easter bunny hide eggs?

lol, I’m jw because like it’s a bunny, not a chickennn. lol xD so it just doesn’t make any sense to hide eggs on Easter. haha. :)

Answer #1

ohhh, I got it now :) thankss. and lol at comment one. :)

Answer #2

and a fat man can’t go down the chimney (: hahaha it’s all good, makes the kids happy I guess

Answer #3

I was told that the egg represents when Jesus was ressurected as it has life on the inside but it looks dead on the outside.

Answer #4

because the easter bunny has nothing better to do ;-)

Answer #5

An egg is an old symbol for fertility, and easter was originally a pagan celebration of fertility. and the rabbit because, well, theres nothing more fertile than a rabbit haha.

its a celebration of ‘new life’. hence the egg.

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