how is bunnies related to easter??

if easter is all about eggs and chicken,, how is bunnies related to easter??

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There is an episode of “South Park” dedicated to that very subject.

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How is easter about eggs, chicken, or bunnies??? It is about the resurection of Jesus Christ, but the world has turned it into a paegan holiday. I don’t celebrate it, instead, we hunt for little jesus’. It’s great!!! And we still get all the candy.:)

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hmm…maybe because their cute and cuddly?

I have no idea.. much less with the fact that they have pics of bunnies comin outta egg shells!


Answer #5

Both eggs and rabbits have to do with fertility.

Spring festivals tend to be about fertility and rebirth. This is a tradition that is older than Christianity and was coopted by Christianity when it was becoming a popular religion. As a recent religion, Christianity was usually smart enough not to mess with the local celebrations but just adapt them a little bit. That made it easier for people to go along.

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we use eggs and bunnies cause the egg represents rebirth and bunnies represent fertility for oester when people used to celebrate the earth.

by the way we got the name easter from oester.

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