My vagina itches and hurts

im having this real itchy sensation down in my virgina like it hurts sooo bad and it itches can this be sum kind of disease or in infection

Answer #1

Dear berda, Any changes such as this need to be addressed by a doctor. Yeast infections don’t just happen for no reason. Usually a doctor can tell you what has been happening and how to get rid of it. If it’s not a yeast infection using an over the counter product can make your problem worse. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

More than likely it’s just a yeast infection, very common and you can buy the treatment at a drugstore. Monistat and Canesten are two well known brands… and go for a three to seven day treatment, not a one day. Yeast can be stubborn.

Answer #3

hmm, could be an std. how many people have you slept with? or maybe its just a yeast infection or something. do you have any weird bumps down there or does it smell bad?

Answer #4

go to a doc, and include loads of yoghurt in your diet it helps prevent infection

Answer #5

have you had sex?

Answer #6

It sounds like an infection. Get to your doctor on Monday.

Answer #7

it could be crabs that makes you itch

deff. go to the docter

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