Why does my hip hurt...please help me!!! urgent

my hip really really hurts and I dont know what to do. I have been to the doctors but he doesnt know what it is. I have had an x ray and I am awaiting the results. my real question is that does anybody here sufferes with hip problems and can you tell me what it is??
my little brother has perthes desiese, and im worried that I have it. please help me.

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I can hardly sit because of the weight and when I recline back in the chair it subsides a little bit but I can push all around in the area of my hip and it hurts so bad. I do have fibromyalgia but this pain is different from when I have my flare ups or daily pain. One Dr said I had bursitis whom is my rheumatalogist. I cant even lay on my side it hurts so bad. I am going to see a orthopedic Dr to see what he says.

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my hip hurts too. my friend says its just because of the rain. maybe its the weather for you to?

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im nearly 16

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u might have fibromyalgia i probable spelled it wrong,but it causes the bones and joints to ache like u would have r.a i dont know what kind of pain u have but my wife has that and thats what hurts her the most is her hips and feet swell

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Hi, I don't think you have perthes disease unless you are under the age of thirteen. If you are thirteen or younger then get a second opinion with a doctor. Some birth control pills have been known to cause hip pains as well as a slew of other hormone-related drugs. Or it could very well be a growth spurt if you are under eighteen. There are many explanations to hip pain and a doctor should be consulted for a good answer. Check this page to ease your mind about Perthes disease http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic294.htm

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Well, basically your hip hurts because of them spreading getting ready for the baby to go into the birth canal. It will most likely hurt more the further along you get. I am on my second pregnancy and hips hurt both times, but it goes away after you have had your baby. So just hold on, use a heating pad or tylenol for immediate elief.

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my hip hurts also I stop doing my daily jog. It is so weird but its true, If I don't run for 2 days I start feeling the pain coming back. LOL.

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It is probably S1 joint dysfunction. I was just diagnosed with it. My left hip hurts me the most.

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I am really tired of the constant cramp in my left butt cheek. Sometimes my hip cramps at the most INCONVENIENT time. URG! So, I decided to do some research this morning. I found that a lot of folks who have broken their tail bone in the past or have had severe trauma to the hip area (aka butt beatings), like myself, can eventually get sacroiliac joint dysfunction (see link below for details). Trauma to to the hip area can also cause severe sciatica (pronounced sahy-at-I-kuh) nerve pain. My butt cramps are excruciating and the pain can last for a while making it uncomfortable to sit, lay down, stand or even walk! I feel I can relate to everything in this article.

Amazon.com sells a sacro wedge that when laid on can relieve and eventually correct this pain by realigning the muscles down the crack of your butt (I know, sounds gross). This nifty tool also comes with an instruction booklet on how to stretch and exercise these joints and muscles in the tailbone/lower back area. It only takes 20 minutes a day. The reviews on this product are really good. I am going to purchase this item. I'll let you know how it turns out. I just thought I'd share both of these articles with you.

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About ten years ago my left hip was in so much pain I didn't sleep much for six months and lost 35 lbs. After months of therapy and pain pills, I decided
to go for broke, and started doing heavy exercise on the leg machine. Pain gone in two weeks. A year later same thing with my right hip. It hurts, but it worked. Good luck.

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