Why hate homo and bi people?

Im 14 and I am bi I have some friends like me who are younger and older but no older than 16 why does she say we are to young to know who we are and if possible should I come out of the closet to her or not and how should I

Answer #1

Well first of all you have phrased your question wrong. She doesn’t “hate” homosexuals, shes saying that when your in your teens you are developing and you are still usually trying to find an identity for yourself. Whoever “she” may be she simply speaks because you are still a child you can’t go and get an apartment, or other things like adults. Once you have discovered who you are it stays with you or it may change. When your a teen you haven’t experience enough of the world to know what you truly are. Think about it, did you just decided one day that you were bisexual? hope this helps

Answer #2

But on thwe other hand, you are who you are n it really dnt matter wen u find out. You just looked inside yourself n found that inside.

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