Why do young people hate older people

Why do younger people find older people so unattractive ?

Answer #1

Well I am 15 and I find older men (50+) quite attractive,they turn me on… So not all people find them unattractive…

Answer #2

yeahh im 15..and I am attracted to older guys. not over like 25. like zac efron..he is so friggin hot. and yummy! lol I think hes in his 20’s?

Answer #3

What do you mean? im 17 and im attracted to older guys but not older than 25. most guys that are in their early 20’s are really hott

Answer #4

Different generations have different fasions, ways of thinking, views, and are completely different from yours in general.

Answer #5

Because we see “older” people (I assume you mean 50+) as our parents/family, it’s just weird.

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