Why does my friend need physco help?

I was chilling with my boy steven last week and its been buggin me about something he told me and I found and I came to you guys at funadvice. See where gonna was finding nemo and just chill and then I see his computer while hes takn a wiss I asked him if I could use the computer I open it up and find a website like zoo-sumthing and its animal porn and then im joking with him saying moo moo does that turn you and steven and hes like well yea and like he tells me how sometimes he needs to watch this sort of porn to get off that sometimes regular porn doesnt o it I mean iunderstand fetishes and I would watch this stuff but I wouldnt necesarily see it more than once and I don’t know I wanna know if he needs help because its weird will he ever have a satisfactory relationship I mean he is trying to talk to me romantically and I feel weird now that I know this. What should know this?

Answer #1

Every person has their sexual fetishes. I think he has to find someone who has the similar ones that he has.

Answer #2

I mean what should I do now???

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