Why does my female dog whine after sex?

Why does my female dog whine after her and my male mate and they get unstuck she whines forever like somethings bothering her. How can I stop her from whining? Is she suffering?

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no she just wants more keep the male dog around your dog because she wants 2 be cumforted by the other dog

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Some dog penis have small bumps that can really uncomfort your dog and maybe leave her soared in her private part. Try to pet her and to cheer her up that will distract her and she will forget her pain.

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She is probley just worn out and sore. Dogs take a whole lot of energy to mate together since they lock together. I'm sure she's just sore and worn out. Try giving her some water and food to help her regain her strength, if she's still whining in 24 hours, take her to a vet.

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are you trying to breed them intentionally? Sex is painful for female and male dogs alike. THe whining is probably due to the pain. Is the male dog bigger then the female? Sometimes the male's penis swells too much and can actually damage the females reproductive organs. And if they are seperated too soon, the male can rip the female. THe whining is not very normal to sey the least and she probably bee seen by a vet.

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Have a vet due exam to be sure nothing is wrong and ask the doctor why she may be crying

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well the male dog's penis has little pikes that point backwards so when he pulls it out of the female it hurts.

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Do you try to seperate them when they "tie"? If they do tie, you should try to keep them together for at least 10-15 min until the males' knot decreases in size (the knot is the round ball at the base of the penis that swells during sex, locking the pair together). If you pull them apart right after sex, that would huuurt her.

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