How can a women get pregnant if had sex with monkey,ape,dog ?

can a women get pregnant if had sex with dog,bear ape or monkey or pigs ?

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No, it's 110% impossible. They are completely different species. Tigers and lions are both similar ANIMALS. A human and an animal cannot procreate.

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im pretty sure thats impossible.. I mean, otherwise I bet we would already have on this planet a half human half horse... creepy.. never thought of that question..

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I think the only way for that to happen at all is by forcing the sperm into the nucleus of the egg, then artificially inseminate. They made a Liger (mostly Lion, Tiger mix), and a Tigon (mostly Tiger, Lion mix), and combined Spider with Goat to make a goat milk that can be processed to make bullet proof vests. What's next?!
They're combining fruits too, like a plumb-peach mix but I forget what it's called.

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No. You're different species. I promise it is 100% impossible.

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Oh My. Nope I don't think so, from what I learned in science class, a woman can only be impregnated by the same species.

But I'm not 100% certain.

But why? why?

just why?

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having sex with an animal is called beastiality
its illegal
its disgustingly wrong
and its looked down upon almost everywere
but no, a human being can not get pregnant from an animal

since you are not a woman though, why do you ask?

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thats only because their in the same family category. And even if you did force it, it wouldnt grow.

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your right

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your right

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