Why does my dog follow me from room to room

I have a 4 year old Springer Spaniel called Holly, 2 years ago we resued her from someone who just didnt want her anymore, I absolutly adore her ...however the problem is that she follows me everywhere in the house, if I go to the toilet she has to come with me, she even sits and watches me as I bathe, if Im cooking shes at my feet. Also recently ( in the past 6 months) there has been times where she will start panting and and be all over me..if Im typing she will keep nudging my hands off the keyboard, she basically tries to sit on me and wont take no for an answer, this is really getting frustrating and dont know how to solve these problems...hope someone can help.


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She just loves you
My dog does the same thing and he just turned 7.
He sleeps in my room. Sits on my feet. Cries if he cant get near me. He even gets jealous of my boyfriend and little kids

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that's so cute. I have the same problem with my basset...if I go to the bathroom she'll sit outside and bark. but I love her. she's amazing.

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my dog is 2 and he followed me erywhere!!! even head buttin the bathroom door come sit by me when im on the loo... lol
I now have a female dog (a puppy) and she occupies him. they play fight and keep each other company and he no longer follows me! but now my puppy follows me everwhere lol!!

if you don't want another dog then train your dog to sit and stay when you leave th room x

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its because she adores you!! she loves you so much and maybe wants you to play with her becuase she may be feeling lonley :) x

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I believe dogs do grow on the person that shows them life and love more. But sometimes I give him too much love, he wont listen to me to come back in from taking a wee wee in the back. But if my dad calls him he comes back right away. Whenever my dad commands for him to do something I can see fear im my dogs eyes. He will listen to my dad with his tail halfway down when its usually up. I think my dog sees my dad as the boss of the house cause he disaplined my dog more intensly than me. I was never able to hit my dog hard if he ran away or did somethong bad. My dog gets the same guiltly fearful 'I shouldnt have done that' look on his face just by me yelling at him. So I dont feel the need to hit him. But it has a lot to do prob on how he was brought up as a baby. The person that treats them more like a human or just took more time to play with them is the person your dogs heart will glue to.

Warning: its hard to make your dog hate you after he grows this attached. Still cant do homework some days cause my dog felipe just keeps nugging me with a toy at his feet to play. Lol.

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I have the same problem with my two year old terrier/poodle mix. We rescued her from her previous owner who was ordered by the humane society to get rid of some of their pets. She was underfed...not anymore and she follows me everywhere. I know it is not just because she loves me. I am thinking it has more to do with anxiety.

Also, getting another dog while you have these issues would not be a good idea. I recommend watching Cesar Milan, and maybe reading some of his books. I just found out he has books so I am going to go the library and order one. Our library will do a search with other libraries if they themselves do not have it in their system.

Our dog is very friendly. I had her fixed. Her previous owners bred her twice by the time she was 1 1/2 years old. She is a very calm dog, so aggression is not her problem. If I lay down she comes into the bedroom with me. When I put my glasses on she knows I am going to get up so up she pops to follow me to which ever room I go...even the bathroom. So, I really relate with you. Good luck, and if I figure out what works to change my problem I will post a reply.


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My bichon frise is basically my shadow but I love it. He gives me so much love. I think the fact that I have been the one taking care of him since we got him 2 years ago is why he follows me and sleeps with me every night. When I come home. Hes crazy excited to see me jumping barking but he doesnt do that with anyone else in the family. Just me :)

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Some dogs are just that way...I haven't gone to the bathroom or taken a shower alone in 40 years...there's always a furry one on the bath mat.


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she just loves you!
I dont think anything would work, but maybe getting her another dog to play with.

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Im actually thinking about getting another dog, hopelly then I wont have 2 jumping all over me lol...thanks x

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Your dog sounds like a pug!! Pugs are known for being their owners shadow..Some people love it others dislike it..May just be a personality trait for your dog.

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... there is so much love to give and receive from your furry pet! Treat them well, cherish them and the love you receive in return is always and forever.

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