Breast hurts very badly before and during period.

My breast are really extremely sore before and during my period (it starts at least a week before my period). It sometimes gets so bad that I can only wear sports bra's or sometimes not even them. I do excercise and am healthy but they still don't really get better (its almost as if they are worse). Do you have any advice on what to do to get the pain gone?

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I know how you feel I get the same way before I start my period
my breasts get sore so bad OMG like I cant even touch them cause they
hurt I dont really do nothin about it I juss deal with the pain

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sometimes if you drink to much caffine it causes your breast to hurt
and then agian you need to go see a doctor about this problem.
go to a doctor immediatley!!!

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the pian is 100% normal.
ONLY if its the week before and during your period.
Midol, baby.

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where I live you don't get midol. do you know of anything else that might work?

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Don't worry that's just pms. I get that too.

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I dont feel anything before periods, but during them, my lower back hurts quite a lot.
my breasts never hurt me and when my friend told me that hers hurt, I got all incredulous. however, two or mebbe three months later mine DID hurt. they have only hurt once. it was so bad - I totally began to sympathize with my poor friend. my nipples got all sore and swollen and it hurt to wear bras. however, for me, it hurt even more NOT to wear them because when my boobs touched the shirt cloth, they hurt even more.
the only way I've found is to just grit your teeth and endure it. after all, you gotta get used to it, especially if you plan to have kids - childbirth pain is a million times worse (or so I've heard - I have not had any kids)
you may try ibuprofen. it helps for my back and it helped for my boobs 2. not a lot, but its better than nothing.
however, if it hurts VERY VERY badly - like unbearable - then go see a doctor

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im talking to my friend on the phone, and her boobies hurt sooo bad, she is very upset for me posting this, but her boobs hurt a lot, and she doens know what to do. she does like pain medication, and she refuses to squeeze her nipples.

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