Why does my best friend always try to be better than me?

So my best friend always has to be better than me and she will honestly do anything to make herself look better. She will lower my self-estem by saying mean shi*t. Like I love her to death but she always has to be the best and she thinks so highly of herself. How do I get past this>?

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A friend cares about you - looks after your best interests - supports you when they should - if your friend is not this, guess what - - - she's NOT your friend.

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She obviously finds you difficult to compete with looks-wise, so she says horrible stuff to convince herself you're worse-looking than she is.
It all balls down to sheer jealousy.
She probably feels a lack of attention so she steals the attention away from you. I used to have a friend like this.
Time should fade this problem. She will eventually get bored. She needs to try to be herself rather than latching herself on to whatever makes you look/feel great.
As she matures she'll realize this.

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Dont let her lower your self-esteem.Treat her as friend but not BESTfriend.Just dont care about her.You are who you are.You dont need to be better than her.But if she want to be better than you,then let her be.Let her waste all her money just to look better than you.Just dont care about her and she may stop someday as she feel bored.^^Good luck!

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you need to call her out on it. tell her what you told us and just say you dontknow if you can be friends with someone always in competition with you.

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You can always jutst take a break, thats what I did! And then she started to worry about me and took the attention off of herself and put some on me. Because,used to,when we would be around friends she would just ignore me and would show off in front of others,ecspecially when it came to being around guys, so I did what I usually do, I gave her a taste of her own medicine, suddenly she change her attitude.

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I have the same problem with one of my friends. a lot of people tell me that why do I still talk to her if all she does is try to make me feel like sh*t but what I do is just ignore her when she says those kind of things. we have a lot of funn together and shes not like that all of the time so wenever she says something like "omg your so stupid how could you not know that??" ill just be like I don't know and move on to the next topic. so I just advice you to ignore her when she makes those comments and just change the subject. eventually shes going to see that its not working and she'll stop

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some people have narcisistic traits. In order to increase their self steem they lower other peoples self steem. My advice : Try to find other friends with whom to relate , people who love and care for you

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cause she's fat and has low self-esteem. keep yours up, don't let her pathetic attempts to being down your confidence effect you.

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