Why does my back hurt like ***

Why would my back (kidney area, spine and between the shoulder blades) hurt for 2 months (24-7) non-stop?

Answer #1

See your doctor. You may have pulled it or having kidney infection.

Answer #2

u should got to the doc, this may be life threatning, or very severe

Answer #3

I have tha similiar problem. I was diagnosed with dislocated discs in my lower back and it is getting worse now and has gone straight up to my shoulders. im on tramadol for it. are you on any meds for the pain?? sounds like you def. need a dr.

Answer #4

Ahhh.. I had the same exact thing this month. And its exactly what bones86 said. Its a slipped disc. You deffinatley gotta see your doctor. I waited too long to see mine so now im on medication and I gotta go to physical therapy. go see a doctor. because if not they might have to an MRI on you like they did to me. ):

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