Why does it seem so hard for my boyfriend to put a condom on?

Ok.. I been with my boyfriend for 3 months now we have had sex once, unprotected, and since then keep saying to use a condom but he can never get it on:S he just goes floppy agen, and just dont understand why :\. may sound bad but im feeling out of love from him now because we have no sex life..

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Yeah help him put it on, grind on him, do sexy things...etc to keep him/make him hard again.

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help him put it on, that might help it stay up

Hard decision
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some guys feel that sex is not good wit condoms. but to get your sex life back you can help to do something for our relationship. take birth control pills get the shot you can do that for the both of you guys

What if the condom popped as he took it out?
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Yeah most guys hatee condoms!
Its up to you what you doo ... Butt Could get a little inplant thing :)

a hard choice

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