How do you get your boyfriend hard?

Me and my boyfriend are going to have sex in a couple of days and he wants to start with oral so he can get hard. he told me that sex won't be fun unless I'm loose and he's hard HELP ME!

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Well, foreplay is definitely HUGE when it comes to actual sex and oral sex is a great way to start. To get him hard, make him beg for you. Seduce him. Get in like really skimpy clothes and when he tries to touch you push him away. I know this might sound kinky, but punish him. Some guys really get into that. Showers are also really fun when it comes to foreplay. Wash each other. Lather some body wash up and run your hands all over him. If this is your first time, ever or just with this guy, and you don't know what to do, read some erotic romance novel excerpts. They really help with your imagination ;)

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when you start to rub him he should definately get hard

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