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Why do we allow outsourcing of jobs in the US?

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My question is why do we outsource jobs in the US and/or allow migrant workers to take jobs away from us in America? Why can't legislation limit this approach? In the past 10 or so years I have seen jobs being taken over by the Hispanic population specifically those from South America. I remember when I was 16 working at McDonalds as my first job when I was in high school. Now all you see are illegal immigrants from Latin America there. Also, It seems that we are so worried about being politically correct that we don't require any foreigner to speak our language as it may be misinterpreted as prejudice. I hate having to order my food from Wendy's, McDonalds, or Dunkin Donuts in spanish. When my grandfather came over from Italy he had to learn how to read and write engish. Why is this standard not there anymore? Why have we gone complacient over the years? I think our country is being invaded and we aren't doing anything about it. I'm not saying this to be racist or prejudice... if we went to their country we would be expected to adhere to their language and culture. Why isn't this so in the US?