Why do they water down history?

Why do they water down history to please people… Don’t we need to know the real history so that we dont repeat the mistakes of our ancestors? And if you don’t understand by water down history then funmail me and I’ll explain I just dont feel like doing it here

Answer #1

Another reason is that, for some reason, people like to force their beliefs on others(when they have NO RIGHT whatsoever to do so). So if a group of “like minded” people get together, and write their version of how something happened, and that gets accepted to be taught in school, you get “their version” of events, which may not be 100% accurate.

A good example of this is in some school disctrict(don’t remember which one) The effectively got religion taught in a SCIENCE class in a public school. Now, before people jump down my throat, I believe in god, however, by definition religion and science are two different things.

Our constitution specifically separates church and state for a reason, the exact reason this country was formed. Religious prosecution. People have different religious beliefs. Is it fair for someone who doesn’t believe in god, or say a hindu, or buddist, who believe in different gods, to attend a public school and effectively be told that what they believe in is wrong. No it’s not.

If parents want their children to be taught anything to do with religion, that is THEIR responsibility, not the state or country’s. People need to realize not everyone thinks like they do, and that no one has a right in this country to FORCE their opinion on someone else.

Answer #2

To: Ty; thought that maybe true that there is no such thing as “real history” but still… there are so many things they dont teach us or talk about because it would upset certain people… but I think that we should learn about those things even if they do upset sum people… like what about how we are forced to learn about slave but the only ones we ever hear about are the black one… what about the white slaves? why dont we get to talk about them? European whites were slaves in North Africa… why dont we hear about those things? back when my parents were younger they got to hear more about those things.. we just get the water downed “whites are evil for enslaving blacks.” we were enslaved to.. some where enslaved to whites in america at the SAME time as the blacks… BUT WE NEVER LEARN ABOUT THESE THINGS!! its stupid we should learn about all of that stuff… and its not just becasue thy only have a certain about of time to teach it… its not even really in our text books its so freaking stupid… all of it should.. not just black slavery but ALL… we were enslaved to Muslims also… so we would learn about all of it

Answer #3

Being history is used to serve people’s agendas. If we told history how it really happened, no one would look good.

Answer #4

In ancient times, the purpose of non-fiction writing was all about propaganda. That hasn’t changed today, except to the extent a writing can be expected to be challenged.

Answer #5

There is no such thing as real history… everyone has their own perspective of what is going on… and people will continue to repeat mistakes from the past, they never learn (look at Bush in Iraq, you’d think he’d have learnt from Korea and Vietnam, ofcourse for that he’d actually have had to known about them)

Answer #6

They do it to please people as you said, people prefer to here what they want ot here, even if it could be the ruin of them. If one wanted to get the real history, it seems that now adays they will have to go look for it themselves.

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