Why does my teacher hate me?

she is my italian teacher her name is signora walsh and she h ates me why

Answer #1

Hi, I’m a teacher but I remember some really wierd teachers myself, so hopefully I see all sides.

I can think of three possibilities:

Option One: You have done some things that really upset her. Option Two: She’s having problems of her own and she hates you for no good reason. Option Three: She doesn’t hate you, you’ve just got the wrong idea.

All of those things are possible.

rdtallboy25 gave good advice. Maybe you should change something you are doing in class - I don’t know!

But sometimes teachers are messed up by things that are happending at home, or by depression or another mental illness. My sister had a teacher like that. In the end, my sister realised that she couldn’t change the teacher’s problems, but that she could change her behaviour a bit to make herself stand out less in class. For example , the teacher was obsessesd that my sister was always looking at her watch because she was bored, so my sister stopped wearing her watch in that class. It’s not really the pupil’s responsibility to look after the teacher, but maybe you could identify something she’s picking on and become a bit less conspicuous.

For the third option - maybe she’s wierd or strict with everyone, and she’s not singling you out. I don’t know.

My best advice for dealing with weird people who are making your life difficult is to pray for them. That may sound really strange, but when I’ve prayed for people like that I often learn a bit more about them and find better strategies for dealing with them. And maybe their lives improve too!

Answer #2

I felt the same way with my teacher Mrs Casterline. until I started doing extra work on every single assignment. Such as Extra defintions for my Vocabulary work sheet thingamabob. ALSO I was shivering like crazy one day, so she took off her coat and put it on me. your teacher might think your not trying or that she might think your one of those Slackers that don’t care. Show her that you care. if she still hates you then, don’t worry about it, all you need to worry about is grades. not if your her fav student

Answer #3

maybe shes jelous because your prettier then her!!

Answer #4

okay I honestly need help my teacher is the worst to me, she once docked 20% of my test, I got it corrected, and I ended up getting a good mark.(what I deserved`80% another time,my teacher called me a “slob” to another student. I know that gossiping about another student to a student is wrong. and I know I am not a slob, my writing is really neat and my desk is, as well. why does she hate me? is she racist? maybe she heard me swear once? maybe she just hates me? I dont get it, other students gossip about her and she hears, and she gives them good marks,and I try not to gossip about her(arround her)- and only if I do its to my parents. and she gives me horrible marks! what do I do? I really want to get honor roll, and I think this might affect the chances of me getting it brutally. I honestly am so sad, should I get my mom to address her? or will that make things worse? please, I really need an answer. getting honors would make me, and more importantly my parents proud thanks :)

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