Why do people turn Bi ?

Why do people turn Bi ?

Answer #1

You cant become Bi, && Its definitley not a choice. its being curious about the opposite sex and wanting to know if the same sex can please them , romanticallly or sexually atleast more than the oppostie sex,

Answer #2

You don’t TURN bi, you either are or you aren’t. like simplychallenging pointed out…it’s like being straight…you didn’t TURN straight.

Answer #3

People don’t turn bisexual for any specific reason. They are just attracted to both sexes at the same time. It’s much like the reason you’re straight – you just are. :)

Answer #4

they’re curious and realize that they also have an attraction to the same sex. usually it’s the first step to being gay.

Answer #5

Because they realized they were romantically/sexually attracted to both men and women.:)

Answer #6

they were probably raped

Answer #7

They got bored of dating people of the opposite sex?

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