Why do people think it's weird not be interested in dating at 16?

Okay I’m a 16 yr old girl but I’m not really into the whole boy phase as my mother calls it…in fact I hate dating…and because of this I have only ever had 2 boyfriends. My friends all think it’s weird but I don’t care…I like being myself…but should it be something that I should worry about? I mean I’m not a lesbian or anything I just don’t have any desires to date in general…I’m fine with just being friends with guys…and the 2 guys I have dated…I never let the relationship go beyond friends…I never wanted to hold hands, I never kissed, I never hugged…etc etc

Answer #1

There’s nothing weird with that! I think it’s because you haven’t met anyone you like enough, you’re obviously very mature and are comfortable in yourself to be independent, there is nothing sillier to me than girls who have a boyfriend just to have one, so they look good and can tell people that they do. I think that’s wonderful :) Don’t worry, you’re friends are still immature and just want to fit in with society’s rules on teenagers. If you don’t want to date you don’t have to. Being gay has nothing to do with it lol so if anyone has said anything like that they’re morons! When the time is right for YOU, you will meet someone who is suited to you, and not before! Hope this helps sweety <3

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