Why do people look at me funny when I wear pink extentions?

When I wear my pink hair extentions, people look at me funny like if they’ve never seen pink extentions before. Old people double take and little kids point. I know other people with pink streaks that don’t get that kind of reaction. What is everyone’s problem?

Answer #1

But I know people might stare, but some people (like people I know) they say I look crazy. My real friends say they are just jelous, but I can’t seem to just shake it off

Answer #2

You’re paranoid. It’s hair, it’s a little different, people are going to look at you, but it probably isn’t a huge deal to them. It might be a surprise to a small child who has never seen them before and to old people and many others it just seems dumb. That’s probably it.

Answer #3

Yeah its probably just that they dont understand the new style, or it can be just the fact that your DIFFERENT, people take time to get used to different thing, different people, and different styles. When they see somebody who looks a little different than them they might look at them and point and stare, not realizing what theyre doing at the time. I had a pink streak in my hair (real) in fourth grade, and my teacher brought in her son (around 5-6 years old) and he wouldnt stop staring at me. Just learn to shake it off, people eventually just wont care.

And like lindsayfresh said, good for you that you have the guts to wear them!!

Answer #4

This is a new age, a new generation. Teenagers and young adults are dressing different and a lot of old people are stuck in the 1940’s and/or just don’t understand the styles going on now. Little kids laugh & point because they just don’t understand, when surely when they are older, they will have some crazy style YOU might not understand. So don’t worry about it. I’m proud that you have the guts to wear pink hair extensions, so kudos to you!

Answer #5

hmm… different people will have different reactions. if you like it then well, that should be all that matters

Answer #6

there just probably not use to seeing someone with pink in there hair? maybe yer just paranoid

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