Why do people hate on emo and scene girls so much?

Why do so many people hate emos and scenes so much a lot of them are realy pretty.

Answer #1

Normal people have a tendency to fear what is different. If they don’t like me because of my colored jeans and purple hair, then f**k ‘em. They are obviously just wishing they had the balls to be as different as us.

Answer #2

yh you shouldnt just pick on people just because they are differant you no im scene and I proud I don’t really care what people think about they can go get f**d lol only jocking :)

Answer #3

I dont know my best friend was an emo and she got picked on I was the only one who didnt care how she dressed and what stuff she listened to cause in the end they are still human and so they shouldn’t be treated any differently!!

Answer #4

because most of them are just looking for attention most of them will grow out of it in a few years but for now, obviously people are going to look at someone that dressed different and you cant please everyone I mean im sure theres something/someone/a style of dress that YOU hate its normal

Answer #5

THey are a steriotyped group of self-configuration teens, who seem to be misfits, even in there own group. Sometimes people are afraid of diversity, it can cause conflict like hate.

Answer #6

becuase they think their concieded and whiney brats who are just really upset with the world for no apparent reason…but thts only the steryotype I have nothing againts them(:

Answer #7

people have a concived notion that emo people hate the world. whether or not this is true I believe most people make fun of others in order to build some sort of self esteem. it makes many people feel good after putting another person down even though in the end they look dumb for doing it

Answer #8

I dont know but if they have a problem with that its there fault I dont have anything against them

Answer #9

I guess it’s because most people can’t accept people who are a little different. I like them personally. I see nothing wrong with them

Answer #10

I agree..x :)

Answer #11

Half those emos don’t even cut themselves. People just think they do because in their minds, they’ve already CATEGORIZED them into the Emo style, and all them dumb ‘ho’s think that just because you’re emo, you cut yourself. I don’t cut my wrists at all. It’s just a stupid stereotype.

Answer #12

Probably because they have problems with the way they dress, or te way they have their hair… take it from someone hwo has experienced it first hand… I have had many problems in my life, and I made some HUGE mistakes, and they inturpret that all “EMO” or “SCENE” people cut themselvess/ want to kill themselves… I think the reason is because they feel like they need to boost their self esteem, by treating others like crap…

Answer #13

I myself don’t think is bad and they should stop critisising. there is a difrence you are emo because you want attencion or you are emo and you hide yourself, there is people othere who’s life is not as it’s show, I ‘m just saying


Answer #14

Wanting attention isn’t bad, but it seems kinda trashy to cut your wrists and to call people “cunts” to get it.

Answer #15

Because they’re all attention whoress? Hahah I used to be one. They’ll realize it’s all just a stupid trend soon. …Hopefully. :D It is so embarrassing to look back at how I fried my hair with all that fuckingg hairspray and flat-ironing and how I treated everyone. Emo is dead/stupid. That is all. :]

Answer #16

What’s wrong with wanting attention? I like getting noticed. I like it that people know my name and know who I am. You say wanting attention like it’s a bad thing. It’s not.

Answer #17

people feel the scenes are copies of eachother, that they have no orginal style and try to be someone they’re not. welcome to the 21st century, NOTHING is original, its all been done. and they say we’re copies of eachother? I saw FIVE people at school on friday with identical outfits, not even joking. so if you say were just copies look in the mirror. I dress the way I do for the same reasons you do, I like it. it’s sad that people hate others by there appearance, im a nice person. hate me for who I am, not for how I dress and don’t judge others before taking a look at yourself, see just how “original” you are.

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