Why do people bother being sad ?

Look I know people get sad hell I’ve been though loadsss of sh*t in my life But my thoughts are mostly people like to be happy more then they like to be sad so whats the point in being sad ? Ok be sad for a lil while thats ok but to long is point less! Every min you spend upset is one min you will never get bk of happyness so why do people stay sad for so long ? Yeah I know boy firends, firends, people dieing but why bother being sad when you can be happy ! :)


Answer #1

People don’t want to be sad. Some don’t have a choice. Ever heard of depression? You can’t just click a button and presto! Not sad! It’s hard for a person to understand this unless they themself have been depressed. I agree with you though, xxelliexx, most people do like to be happy more than be sad.

Answer #2

proper depression is a chemical inbalance in the brain, therefore it’s impossible for the person to be anything but sad, it’s common misconception from ignorant people that it’s a choice

Answer #3

loose booth the love of your life and loose the uncondisional love you had for your parents, and at the same time you have to go though the pain all alone cause you had no one there for you. try that and you’ll answer your own question.

Answer #4

Its not like people can help it. If people could just change it and be happy, they would. Its not something people enjoy but like ‘overit’ said… you cant fight your emotion. And if you think you can, then you probley just try and make yourself look or feel happy but on the inside, your still sad.

Answer #5

Because most people have every right to be sad. Some people have lost so much in their lives that they just wish they were dead. Those people shouldn’t be judged, as they probably have enough grief in their lives without people saying they’ve no right to have feelings. We’re only human. =ol

Answer #6

The majority of the time.. people don’t WANT to be sad. It just happens.. It’s harder to become sad when you’re happy than to become happy when you’re sad - if you can get you’re head around that one =P

When people are depressed, they go and see a therapist.. the main simple reason - to try and be happy again.


Answer #7

you can’t fight your emotions just because you can suck it up and not be sad does not mean other people can

Answer #8

you can’t fight your emotions just because you can suck it up and not be sad does not mean other people can

Answer #9

O…k Okie Pokie :D

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