Why do I have this urge to hit stuff with a crowbar?

well I have this urge to hit things with a crowbar and I dont know why I thinks its because of the game half-life.

Answer #1

Damn… I read the title and I was going to come and respond with, “You’ve probably been playing too much Half-Life”

Answer #2

thanks peoples

Answer #3

Dude I have a crow bar in the passenger seat floor of my car. Had to almost use it once on some emo kids trying to punk me out while driving in green bay. But I would love to smash up my locker at school.

Answer #4

You probably just have an urge to break things or create chaos. A lot of people have to do this at least once in their life or else they go crazy. I have an urge to rip posters of walls. As long as it’s not people you want to hit with crowbars I think you’ll be alright.

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