Why do I get acne in random places and how do I get rid of it?

I get acne in random places on my body. On my face (chin) is at least normal but all of the sudden it start popping up. I’ve gotten one small bump on my neck, a few bumps and 2 legit pimples on my back, one where my bra strap lies and one where my underwear line is, I’ve recently gotten miniature bumps on my cheast, in between my breasts, and I’ve gotten many on my butt. However a very recent one is on the front my vagina. it’s outside and not even near the actual vagina, plus I’ve never had sex or even used a tampon before so I don’t know if that solves anything, my bfs hands have been down there but I don’t know how it would effect that spot…it’s the most painful pimple I have EVER had. Pls tell me why I’m getting all this acne! Btw I am 15.

Answer #1

thankks but I used sudocrem on the one on my vagina, it looks smaller and a lot less red, and it doesnt hurt:) so its goingg away:D. thanks anywayy

Answer #2

The bump on your vagina could be an ingrown hair..but I have had acne all over to.. puberty could be playin a major role in that.

Answer #3

Most of these are common enough when it comes to acne. The bra strap and underwear line ones can be caused by sweat, which means that they are too tight on your body. For most of the others try switching to an antibacterial body soap, lever is a good example. As for the one of the vagina, watch it, as well as the one that are on your butt. Because where they might be ingrown hair, if they pop leading to pussing and bleeding, you need to go and see a dermatologist asap. Because it could be a rare skin condition (I have it, and mine started around 15/16). And if they start to multiply as well. But of the most part the places you are gettin pimples are very common for a teenager going through puberty.

Answer #4

Use a body soap that is anti-bacterial. That’s what I used and it helped.

Answer #5

switch soaps that helped me with chest/neck/back pimples

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